Protect your investment and your family with boat insurance.

A boat is one of the most valuable assets most people own. If you love being on the water, you know they’re worth it.  However, you don’t want to risk your boat or watercraft by not having the right coverage.

Know the facts.

Did you know that boat accidents are the 2nd most common cause of vehicle accidents in the United States? The joy of being out on a boat leads many to believe they’re immune to getting in an accident making them more likely to take a risk leading to disaster. Although this may be true in many cases, when it comes to water accidents, anyone can be a victim. According to the National Safe Boating Council, in 2021 there were 4,439 boating accidents resulting in $67.5 million of damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents.

The benefits of boat insurance.
  • Boat insurance protects you against lawsuits or property damage / liability claims so you can enjoy your time on the water knowing you are protected.
  • Boat insurance protects your investment by covering your investment in case of theft, vandalism, fire, or natural disaster damage.
Know your navigational area.

Know where you are covered in the water. Some insurance companies offer protection that covers you up to 75 miles from the U.S. coastline, into Canadian coastal or inland waters, and into the Pacific coastal waters of Mexico. In Florida, Florida and Oregon, coverage for additional areas can be purchased.

To learn more about boat insurance terminology, check out our blog post! 

We Simplify Insurance. 

We are people too. For most people, insurance is plain tough to figure out. We know we need it, but often don’t really understand which coverages are “need to have” versus “nice to have”. This can make the insurance shopping experience intimidating and confusing. It’s important to us that when you hang up the phone, you know you are making the right choice.

At Merrill Insurance, we take a consultative approach to insurance by simplifying the terminology, educating our customers, and analyzing their needs so they better understand what they’re buying. You are never just a number at Merrill Insurance. You have an entire team behind you willing to go the extra mile to help you with what you need.

We are a full-service, family-owned independent insurance agency.

There are many benefits to working with an independent insurance agency. First and foremost, it doesn’t cost you a penny to work with us. We have access to multiple insurance companies and a wide range of products. This means we can give unbiased and objective advice and highlight the differences in companies to allow you to make an educated decision. As your agent, we can support you as your advocate providing claims assistance from reporting your claim while you are at the scene of the accident to connecting you with your assigned adjuster when you need them most. This also means that your policy will be serviced within the same office you chose to work with so there’s never any guessing on who you need to call when you need help.

Our agency can assist with way more than just personal boat insurance! We can help with all of your insurance needs from your home, to your business, to your hobbies! No more calling several agencies to figure out who has which policy

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