About the Company

Merrill Insurance is a full-service, family-owned Independent Insurance Agency that specializes in caring and responsive service, and to provide affordable coverage. With the understanding that people can purchase insurance from any agency, Merrill Insurance has built its foundation upon being innovative, experienced and prudent. The underlying philosophy: While a respected reputation is the key to attracting clients, long-term relationships require the continual innovation that comes from experience and prudence.

As such, when clients need help the most — when even their best friends can’t do anything but put their arms around them — Merrill Insurance  is there to deliver both strategic and personalized financial assistance.

Merrill Insurance is a member of the Florida Association of Independent Agents.


Collectively, Merrill Insurance has more than 500 years of industry experience at its headquarters office, led by President/Chief Executive Officer Kent Merrill. An industry fixture since 1980, he acquired the company in 1986. The Merrill family is also represented by his wife and two sons. Karen Merrill, with 22 years of industry experience, serves as chief financial officer, while the sons — Blake and Brett — form the next generation of the business. They are helping to build the agency into a place where the next two or three generations of the Merrill family can continue to serve the insurance needs of many different people.


The company’s presence in Mount Dora, Florida, dates back to 1925. That year, the agency that eventually became Merrill Insurance, was established as Sadler-Simpson, an insurance/real estate office, by Sam Sadler and Jack Simpson. The office later became Simpson-Waite, Inc., owned by Jack Simpson and Ed Waite. During the 1970s, James E. Simpson joined the partnership. After buying out the partners, he changed the name to James Simpson, Inc., in 1982.

In 1981, Kent Merrill joined the agency and worked with James Simpson until 1986, when he purchased the agency. In 1988, Kent Merrill changed the agency’s name to the current Merrill Insurance. Today, Kent Merrill’s wife, Karen Merrill, and two sons, Blake and Brett, are also part of the leadership group. Together, they are building the business for future generations through firmly held core values.

Mission Statement

Encouraged by the needs of others we communicate, educate and serve so that we all can live with peace of mind using Christ-like principles.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a uniquely outstanding company with experienced staff assisting each client’s individual needs. Quality people helping quality people. Putting their dreams back together in times of crisis, and providing “peace of mind” protection is our goal.

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